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**Planning for the Procrastinator**

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Focus and procrastination are a constant struggle for a lot of us. I bet you've tried all the tips, tactics, and tools yet still find yourself annoyed at the end of the week with how little you got done.

I feel you. This was me. And sometimes still is when I forget to use the approach I'm sharing in this course.

But when I use this approach, MAGIC happens! This ADHD brain of mine can focus for longer stretches and I get sh*t done. Want in on the secret?

Introducing **Win the Week! Planning for the Procrastinator** 

In this game-changer of a course, you'll plan like you never have before.  By squashing self sabotage and setting some rock solid boundaries, you'll end your week with lots of wins

This is not another planning template to add to your digital clutter. Instead, we'll take a wholistic approach to planning that quiets that inner feet dragger and gets you to finally do all the things.

In Win the Week: Planning for the Procrastinator, you're gonna learn some new tools to kick up your productivity for reals.

Things like:

  • the power of teeny tiny steps
  • the importance of boundaries
  • how to get around "should" thinking
  • reverse engineering the tough stuff
  • and more.

Planning is about much more than scheduling appointments and this course will show you how to plan your. most productive week AND how to stop dreading so you can start doing.

Check out the modules below:  

Module 1: **Optimize Your Mind** Module 1 declutter your brilliant brain so you can focus on the tasks that truly move the needle. 

Module 2: **Choose Your Focus** Identify and weed out the time suckers and use your personal and professional goals as the measuring stick.

Module 3: **A Radical New Way of Prioritizing** The order in which you plan things helps A LOT. Learn how to select the what and the when in this module.

Module 4: **Plan Your Most Productive Week** Say farewell to chaotic, disorganized days! This is where we get down to brass tacks and put what you learned in the previous modules into a solid schedule so you have a roadmap to follow. 

Module 5: **Squash Self Sabotage** Finally, you're gonna learn a whole lot from what you don't get done. There's so much juicy information here and when you know it, you get to nip self sabotage in the bud.

Check out all these bonus resources waiting for you:

  • My personal template and instruction sheet. No more guesswork or reinventing the wheel—simply follow the step-by-step guide and you'll be well on your way to supercharged productivity week after week! 
  • Links to related blog posts to help you understand, even more, the "why" behind your tendency to procrastinate.
  • Tools I use to streamline my process
  • and more!

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