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Tired of feeling stuck and need some regular boosts to get things moving? 

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"You're the first person who has given me some hope and perspective." - Leigh

"If you’re ready to make changes, Kerri is the coach to help you do it." - Brett

Introducing **Coach in Your Pocket: The Ultimate Life Upgrade Toolkit** 

Whether you're struggling to get started on a task or project, need some guidance to break free from your own self-imposed limitations, or simply crave direction on how to supercharge your productivity, this audio bundle has got your back. 

Picture this: 12 bite-sized workshops, each around 10 minutes long, jam-packed with valuable tips and strategies to help you overcome common obstacles and skyrocket your productivity. And the best part? 

You can take them with you wherever you go!

It's like having a personal coach at your fingertips! 

There's a lot vying for our attention these days and since I'm known for my bottom-line, clutter-free approach to solutions, you won't find fluff or filler in these workshops. Instead, they're filled with exactly what you need to know to make awesome progress in your life.

This really is the ultimate life upgrade toolkit!

Get instruction and inspiration on the go and then settle in when you're ready to put your learning into practice using the short workbooks included with each of the 12 gems.


Ooh, and how about a BONUS?

When you grab this bundle, you'll also get my Win the Week: Planning for the Procrastinator course at no extra charge. It will automagically show up in your course dashboard upon purchase! 

This course shares the exact strategy I use to get crystal clear on my priorities for the week and make sure to get them done.

Life is too short to stay stuck. Let's kick it up a notch together with Coach in Your Pocket – because upgrading your life has never been easier or more fun!

Check out the workshop topics below (you'll get immediate access to ALL of them and their corresponding workbooks!):  

January: **What the Heck Do I Want?**  You know you want more out of life but you don't know what that means. Lemme help you clarify your vision so you can be sure you’re spending your time, energy, and focus on what really matters.

February: **Let's Get Selfish** It's time to embrace selfishness! Let's explore your thoughts around that word and see how you can use the concept to bump your goals way up on your list. 

March: **The Secret Sauce for Successful Boundaries** Now that you know what you want and you've made yourself more a priority, you're gonna need to flex your boundary muscle. When you do, you learn to trust yourself more and welcome in success more readily.

April: **Make the Most of Manifesting** Part of making your dreams a reality is believing they're possible. As you tweak your mindset to focus on opportunities, you can manifest all sorts of good shit! Learn how to work in collaboration with the universe to make it happen.

May: **Unwind Your Mind** It's hard to stay focused on your goals when your brain is filled to the brim. Use these tools to clear your mental clutter, optimize your brain, and get your operating system back up to speed.

June: **Squashing Self Sabotage** Self sabotage shows up in a variety of ways but there is one main cause of it all. In this workshop, you’ll learn what’s really going on and the strategies to nip it in the bud.

July: **Staying the Course** Frustrated by all the unfinished projects? How good would it feel to actually see them through? In this workshop, I share practical strategies as well as mindset hacks so you can finally finish what you've started.

August: **How to Truly "Let Go"** Letting go is challenging in areas far greater than physical clutter. How do you let go of guilt, regret, anger? In this workshop, you’ll learn new ways to let go of the thoughts and things cluttering up your life.

September: **Take Advantage of "Second January"** Thanks to our school year training, September can feel like a second January – a time to reevaluate our priorities and refocus to finish the year strong. Check out these strategies to leverage this time of year -- as well as any other time.

October: **Level Up Your Weekly Planning** I bet you've never tried this kind of planning before. If you struggle to stay focused and get things done, you don't need more lists. You need THIS list.

November: **Leveraging Your Lists** And speaking of lists, in this workshop, I share my 3-list strategy that took me years to fine tune that helps me get lots more done in much less time. These are a gamechanger.

December: **A Quick Year in Review** The end of the year – a time for reflection and renewal. In this workshop, I share a simple, mini Year in Review to help you look back over the year in a familiar – and not so familiar – way. 

With your audio bundle purchase, you'll get immediate access to my popular Win the Week course, too! 

Talk about having everything you need to make sh*t happen! 

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I'm an intuitive coach and clutter whisperer and I  help dreamers take decisive action by clearing the clutter that stands in their way, whether that's people, thoughts, or things. With me, it's a no-shame game. Bestselling author of What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You and From Clutter to Clarity.

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